Where to live in Dallas – 10 best neighborhoods for millennials


Dallas is a lot. For millennials looking to find where to live in Dallas, there are many neighborhoods that are fun, laid back, and nice. From trendy and urban to family-friendly and suburban, Dallas has something for everyone. Here are the 10 best neighborhoods in Dallas for millennials!! Btw, if you’d rather an agent just fill you in based on your vibe, hit us up!

1. Bishop Arts District

Artsy, cool, single location restaurants and bars… Bishop Arts District is a popular destination for foodies, with its numerous artisanal coffee shops and restaurants.  The area is also home to several galleries, theaters (including The Kessler!), and really cool retail boutiques. And while Bishop Arts is growing quickly, it’s not as congested as many other popular Dallas neighborhoods.

Where to live in Dallas - 10 best neighborhoods for millennials - Bishop Arts

2. Uptown

Uptown is a prime location for millennials who value walkability and convenience. The neighborhood is home to the McKinney Avenue Trolley, which runs through the heart of Uptown and connects residents to nearby attractions and shops. Uptown is probably the first spot you heard about when you asked a friend, and for good reason. 

Where to live in Dallas - 10 best neighborhoods for millennials - Uptown

3. Lower Greenville

From HG Sply., to Truck Yard, and all the more low key spots in between, Lower Greenville is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Dallas. Lower Greenville is a popular spot for millennials due to its lively bar scene and young, energetic atmosphere. The neighborhood also offers a diverse range of dining options and recreational activities. 

4. Knox/Henderson

Knox/Henderson is truly lit. Several instances of bars clustered together makes it stumbling distance to each attraction! If you’re looking for a fun, walkable area to meet new friends if you’re new to the city Knox/Henderson is one of the best!

Where to live in Dallas - 10 best neighborhoods for millennials - Knox/Henderson

5. East Dallas

East Dallas is a diverse and eclectic neighborhood that’s perfect for millennials who value unique and independent shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. If you’re a runner, biker, or kayaking enthusiast, White Rock Lake and the trail surrounding it is the best spot close to the city if you’re wondering where to live in Dallas!

Where to live in Dallas - 10 best neighborhoods for millennials - Lakewood - East Dallas

6. Farmers Market District

The Farmers Market District is a bustling neighborhood located in the heart of downtown Dallas. It’s perfect for millennials who enjoy fresh and local food, as the area is home to several food markets and farms. Also – check out the shed! It has 6 different unique restaurants open every day!

Where to live in Dallas - 10 best neighborhoods for millennials - Farmers Market - the Shed

7. Deep Ellum

Concert goer? Look no further. With venues as big as Bomb Factory and small and intimate as Club Dada, there’s shows related to every genre of music. Deep Ellum is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Dallas, known for its artsy vibe, nightlife, and street murals. It’s perfect for young adults who enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life and the vibrant cultural scene.

8. Oak Lawn

Want to be walkable to Uptown without the price tag? Oak Lawn it is! Oak Lawn is a popular spot for LGBTQ+ millennials, with its vibrant and inclusive community. The neighborhood is also home to several popular bars and restaurants, as well as a thriving nightlife scene that makes it a complete place to live if you’re wondering where to live in Dallas.

9. Las Colinas

Las Colinas is HOT and growing fast. Take a stroll around Lake Carolyn and you’ll see the Toyota Music Factory, a plethora of great bars and restaurants, and more construction under way! A suburban neighborhood located just outside of Dallas, it’s perfect for millennials who are looking for a quieter and more laid-back lifestyle, but still want to be close to the city.

10. Park Cities

Looking to buy? Park Cities has the highest property values in Dallas! Park Cities is a prestigious neighborhood in Dallas, known for its lush greenery and upscale homes. The area is perfect for millennials who are looking for a more upscale and luxurious lifestyle. If you want to see Million Dollar Home after Million Dollar Home, this is it!

These are just a few of the best neighborhoods when you’re looking for where to live in Dallas. Whether you’re looking for a trendy and urban lifestyle or a family-friendly and suburban vibe, Dallas has something to offer everyone!! Our service is free, so let us be your friend and help you!!

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