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Home to one of the most recognizable skylines in the world, Downtown Dallas is constantly reinventing itself as the hottest place to be in the city . With the construction boom dating back to the 70s and ramping up in the 2000s, it’s become a place for equal parts industry and entertainment while remaining the heartbeat of local commerce and culture. Home to destination restaurants, unique coffee shops, and more hidden gems than you can uncover in a lifetime, Downtown isone of the best places to find a good time in Dallas. The neighborhood has been revived over the last few years, but still remains true to its nature. The central business district plays just as hard as it works.

Dwellinc’s free service connects you with Realtors® who are experts in Downtown living. Let us give you the lay of the land and find the best deals on your ideal home or apartment in this bustling area. We’re local and do this full time, so you’ll always get the most up-to-date information and unbiased advice.

You may be sold on Downtown Dallas but aren’t quite sure what to expect in terms of price, location, and quality. Or maybe you’re looking for more insight about the neighborhood and if it’s right for you. We have access to everything available Downtown and in the surrounding DFW areas, so we can help you narrow down your options to make an informed decision on your new place. Let us do the work for you!

A Day in the Life: Downtown Dallas, DTX

Begin any day of the week by heading to one of the top-rated coffee shops in Downtown. We love Otto’s Coffee & Fine Foods, or if you’re really going for it, head to The Weekend at the Joule. grab your cappuccino to-go as you walk to work at one of the nearby office buildings , or you can turn a morning brew into an all day affair by plugging in at The Adolphus Hotel Spa.

Spacious, Modern Apartments in Downtown Dallas, TX

Downtown Dallas is home to the most diverse collection of residences in Dallas. With homes ranging in style from repurposed industrial to luxurious and modern, developers have represented every major style in architecture with no two communities are alike . Downtown naturally has the highest concentration of high-rises. Every view captures the city’s bustling center. Downtown living offers plenty of windows, rooftop pools, and walkability. You’ll need to be comfortable with one way streets.

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Whether you’re a Texas native who already lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or you’re moving here for the first time, the research alone is enough to make using one of our free, Expert Realtors® a no-brainer.



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