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Need to set up Electric, WiFi, and other Utilities?

Connect with one, real person who will sit on all the 1-800 numbers for you! Tell us what services you’re interested in.

Best Rate Guaranteed

Our Connect Team is here to help make your move easy. We can set up utilities, internet, and more! Whether you're a new homeowner, found a rental on your own, or leased an apartment through Dwell-inc, we've got you covered. If you need help finding a place first, head over to our locating form. You can pair up with a local agent for free help landing an apartment.

Best Rates Guaranteed

What can’t we set up?!? Well, you tell us… here’s what we can help get set up for you - all at the best possible rates from our vendors, guaranteed.



Solar Panels




Cable or Streaming Service

Home Owner’s or Renter’s Insurance

Security or Monitored Security

Take advantage of discounts provided through our partnerships, and avoid managing 5+ vendors on your own!

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works:

    1. A member of Dwellinc’s Utility Concierge Team will reach out to you to be your single point of contact to sit on all the 1-800 numbers for you! *All For Free*
    2. Based on which services you’d like set up, the Concierge will prepare quotes from all our vendors. Our vendors guarantee the best price possible to our clients!
    3. Once you choose what you want set up, the concierge team will do all the work of coordinating the install dates. 
    4. From here, they’ll get you your account numbers so you can set up your accounts, hop on auto pay, and Live Well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Just like our apartment locating or Realtor® home purchase service – it’s completely free!

Because we have hundreds of clients sign up a month, our vendors have agreed to guarantee their best rates and provide us a referral fee per sign up. Because each service provider pays us a small referral fee, it’s free for you!

Yup! Our service providers have given a best-price guarantee to be able to partner with us.


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