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What’s Dwellinc?

We are a Dallas based real estate brokerage that strives to provide world class support for not only our clients, but the people who work with us. We truly love helping people from all walks of life find a new place to dwell, whether that’s renting an apartment or buying a home. Our goal is to provide incredible service to our clients. That requires an incredible team. We know we will only get there if we foster an incredible environment where people love to work.

We’re a startup in our first few critical years of business and growing rapidly! It’s so important that each of our team members are aligned with Dwellinc’s values (see below) so that we can continue to build our reputation within the DFW real estate market.


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dwell-inc Team

Our Team Is...

…Redefining professionalism. Real Estate doesn’t have to mean hair gel and firm handshakes.
…Not a family. We are a team and hold ourselves and each other to high standards.

Our Values


The real estate industry comes with unexpected challenges. Get back in that saddle, and get’r done.


Everyone at Dwell gives a shit about the work they do because they remember why we’re doing it. We’re helping people find a new home.

Move the line

We strive to make a difference for our clients. We are not a glorified

Personalized, expert consultants

We know our stuff and want to share that knowledge with our clients, but first we take the time to listen so we know what our clients give AF about.

Enjoy your life

Success at work means nothing if you’re not able to live your best life.


Discipline = freedom. We’ll just drop this link here.

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