Best Areas to Live in Dallas


DISCLAIMER: This article is based on opinion. We believe that everyone has a place in dallas and every neighborhood has qualities to offer.

There, let’s get to the fun part. 

The DFW landscape is a combination of neighborhoods that are as unique as the weather here over any given 72 hours. 

Looking for fast-paced and in the mix? There’s a neighborhood for that.

You want peace and quiet?

Must you constantly be surrounded by art?

Are sports and shows your scene?

There’s a part of town with your name written on it.

Although this is by no means a comprehensive, be-all end-all report of the best neighborhoods in DFW, this list will definitely give you an idea of some popular areas and what they have to offer.

Bishop Arts

Artsy. Chill.

These are just a couple ways to describe the Bishop Arts District.

Amid the recent boom in apartment development and the revitalization of local restaurants, boutiques and entertainment scenes, lies one of Dallas’ most established neighborhoods.

Walkable streets, and loaded with character unlike any other part of Dallas, Bishop Arts is a neighborhood that needs to be experienced, rather than visited.

Uptown Dallas

Ok, nobody is surprised to see Uptown make the list.

It’s pretty much the center of Dallas’ social scene. This stems from the many businesses in the immediate area. 

What you might not know is that Uptown can be broken down into 5 even more unique boroughs that have a different vibe each their own. 

Oak Lawn, Victory Park, State Thomas, West Village, and McKinney Ave all fall under the Uptown umbrella. 

Each area has its own native restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and unique landmarks that make it unlike any other part of Dallas.

Deep Ellum

Yes, that Deep Ellum. With new, modern rental options going up and even some major grocery chains getting into the mix, Deep Ellum is more than just a destination to visit. 

You can plant your flag here and have unlimited access to the most popping nightlife, downtown views, and most importantly, you are a block or two away from two members of the Mount Rushmore of Texas barbecue.


Although often bound together as one neighborhood, Knox Street and Henderson Avenue host a variety of elements that give each section its own identity.

Top-of-the-line shopping and dining experiences and luxury apartments to match?

Energetic bars, destination coffee shops and modern living mixed in?

You don’t have to choose in Knox-Henderson.

Lower Greenville

This little niche of Dallas is perfect for low key, effortless chill sessions that can be shared with friends and family without looking like you’re trying too hard.

A solid mixture of residences and laid back vibes make Lower Greenville one of the best kept secrets in Dallas.

It would be impossible to highlight the benefits of every DFW neighborhood in one post, but if you’d like to learn more about one of the areas listed above, or if you need help finding a new place to live in an neighborhood that was not on this first list, contact Dwellinc to be matched with an agent who can break down even further what DFW has to offer.


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