Endurance and adaptability are just a couple of characteristics needed to navigate a challenging real estate market. We understand that even with proper planning, things change. We work through every obstacle, cancellation, or change in plans to deliver for our clients.


Traditional sales people and other Realtors may practice acting like they care, but there’s no substitute for the real thing. We’re in this business because it’s completely free to you and doesn’t limit your options. We simply get to use our expert knowledge to help, no strings attached.

Move the Line

Being a truly great Apartment Locator or Realtor® isn’t an entry level job. To truly be able to know a market takes years of experience, and you’ll know the difference when you ask any one of us your first question. In addition, our goal every year is to raise the bar higher and improve beyond where our 5 star service currently stands.

Personalized Expert Consultants

As your advocate in the apartment searching process, we break through all of the fluff that you are bombarded with to bring you the important, relevant information, helping you to make the most informed decision about your new home. Our agents aren’t part time real estate agents, they bring truly valuable market knowledge to each and every one of their transactions.

Enjoy Your Life

The real gains (flex) come when you rest. So yes, we have fun in our off time and when we work. Expect an agent that knows their shit and is a real human with a personality. We train the overly corporate away towards real, and treat our clients like friends.


Discipline to us means freedom. When you do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it, you get the results you want when you want them.


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